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One a wanderer, fleet of foot and deadly with a bow. One but a youth, tall and determined.  Iri and Lily walk the roads and forgotten paths of Lachryn, their steps bringing them ever closer to a world-altering war.  Chance has made them friends.  Fate will make them heroes.  History will make them legends.
Lady Nel-Vaiesh Iri holds the rank of Halor in the Elvish Lands, with an equivalent rank of Captain in the Lands of Men. A veteran soldier, Iri has alluded to fighting in a war and has fought the S’Karch, the lizard men who live to the west. She has also trained in Illyrian magic, though she generally relies on her bow and knives.  Tasked with keeping the peace in the lands of elves and men, Iri wanders freely in both worlds, upholding and executing justice as she sees fit. Something of a special agent to the Elven crown, she is sometimes tasked with assassinations and other unsavory duties. Currently, Iri is investigating the unusual amount of bandit activity in the Duchy of Grevaine.  Generally taciturn, Iri only shows her softer side to those who’ve proved themselves friends. Iri hates Arkenite Mages with a passion and has no qualms about killing them in cold-blood.
A young peasant girl from the village of Southfield, Lily lost her family and home to a bandit attack. While trying to find her uncle in Bremis, Lily met Iri and later became her apprentice. Though determined to become strong enough to protect herself and others, Lily is unused to battle and has yet to prove herself on the field.   Lily is cheerful, caring person who will do her utmost to help those in need. Tall and strong, Lily favors an axe given to her by her father before he was killed.
An Arkenite mage, Khavra lived in the town of Bridgewater with her twin brother Khevresh. Arkenite Mages gain their power by siphoning the life energy of local spirits, a process that drives them mad. When Iri discovered the twins, she killed Khevresh and fought Khavra and her servant Varfell to a draw. Khavra is now heading to the town of Lessing, where her master lives. Khavra got along very well with her brother and the townspeople of Bridgewater. She is extremely protective of her servant and pupil, Varfell.
A Keggran, Varfell was taken in by the twin Arkenite mages Khavra and Khevresh and became their servant and pupil. He is utterly devoted to Khavra and will fight fiercely to protect her.
A former apprentice of Iri’s, Shaw served in the military and worked as a caravan guard before becoming a smith and settling in Bridgewater. Gregarious and amiable, he is nonetheless a tough and capable fighter. Shaw is currently raising his nephew Roun and teaching him to fight and smith. Shaw is one of the few people Iri would call a friend and trusts him completely.
A young apprentice smith in the town of Bridgewater, Roun is cared for by his uncle Shaw. Flirtatious to a fault, Shaw developed a crush on Lily and kept asking her out even after being severely wounded.Roun is a good-natured young man and will someday be a skilled smith and warrior.
One of the top assassins in the lands of Lachryn, Alleth has been hired by the Baron for a hit on an unspecified target. Quick and deadly, she has also shown some magical abilities.
The Lady Laera Grevaine, Heir to the Duchy of Grevaine.  Though her face is horribly scarred, Laera is an intelligent, perceptive young woman who has already shown exceptional leadership abilities. She is the heir to the Duchy of Grevaine and with her father’s illness, has taken up his responsibilities. Greatly concerned by the attacks on her lands, Laera strives to keep her people safe and well. Laera places the well-being of her people above all else, even her own safety.
Captain of the Guard of the Duchy of Grevaine An older elf, Weyr has served in Grevaine for many years. He has the complete trust of both the Duke and his daughter and heir, Laera. A formidable warrior, Weyr is determined to put an end to the bandit attacks on his duchy.
An aged elf and the manager of the Wheel and Sword trading house in Davyn, Hillyr is also an official of the Elvish court and uses the trading house and his connections to help advance the interests of the Elven crown. Hillyr is one of Iri’s oldest friends and she trusts him completely.
Sir Garan Ivon, Earl of Verrin A young human nobleman, Garan is rather hot-headed and keenly aware of his station. He is a cousin of Zephan’s.
Sir Zhephan Evish, Duke of Middle Faire Garan’s cousin, Zephan is much more even-tempered. Though he outranks Garan, he treats him more as a friend than a vassal